Why are Soccer Players so dramatic about fake Injuries?

If you watch soccer, you may see that players often act like they have serious injuries, but sometimes later, they are normal and start to continue the match. An unbelievable and dramatic act by soccer players caught viewers’ attention in seconds.

It seems more frustrating when soccer players dramatically flop to take a fake foul during the game. There are so many reasons why players are dropping during the game.

After analyzing many games and reading the reports, we finally bring you this article on why soccer players are so dramatic about fake injuries. According to the wall street journal, the famous Brazilian soccer player Neymar flops once every 1/2 minutes on average.

Are soccer players dramatic And Overreacting?

Few people know the exact answers, but they must be dramatic. Many people who don’t know anything about soccer say that soccer players are surprising.

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They often flop on the ground like something terrible is happening to them, but within a few minutes, they start to play the game like normal. After analyzing players’ behavior, we assumed they were pretty dramatic and overreacting.

a soccer player is flopped on the ground
A soccer player has flopped on the ground

There are many reasons why they are dramatic, which we mentioned below in this article.

Reason for Overreacting fake Injuries Dramatically

  1. Draw attention from referees.
  2. To take a short break.
  3. To punish the opponent’s player.
  4. To regain control of the ball.

Draw Attention from Referees

Under the FIFA referee’s law, if a player is down during the game, he must pay attention to him. To take advantage of this rule, serious injury can occur when the ball is out of control, such as during a hit.

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Flopping helps stop the game for a while and gain referees’ attention. If a player thinks he might need some decision in his favor, he must convince the referee during the game. They flopped on the ground to convenience the referee and decided in his team’s favor.

To take a short break.

Taking a short break during the game is another reason why players act like fake injuries. You may notice that at the end of the game, the time is increased according to the waste of time during the game.

However, there is no guarantee that the time added equals or exceeds the time players lost by flopping on the ground.

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The players act like this when their team is leading the game or when the game is tied, but the ball is not in their control. Players know that when the game is stopped, the opponents cannot secure the goal.

To punish the opponent’s player.

When the team cannot secure the goal at that time, all the players are frustrated and start showing their frustration to the other team. At that time, if a player is down, there is a big chance of getting a yellow card from the referee for the opponent’s player.

When a player is down due to intense contact with the opponent’s player, this is identified as a foul in soccer. This may lead to punishing opponents with a yellow or red card. However, some players act to fall to punish their opponents, as shown in the below video.

In the video, the famous Brazilian players act like they are seriously injured while their opponents do nothing but pick up the ball with their hands and slowly walk away. After this act, Neymar was trolled by football lovers on social media.

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Flopping down helps to convince the referee and increases the chance of making the game in their favor. This is also one of the main reasons to act fake injuries to punish opponents.

To regain control of the ball.

When the referee stops the game due to a player down, there is a massive possibility of giving the ball to the downed player’s team, so the team capitalizes on the game.

In a difficult situation where they couldn’t get possession of the ball, they decided to commit a fake foul by lying down on the ground, hoping that the referee would call an offense and give them a chance to possess the ball.

Who is the most dramatic soccer player? Top 5

Every player might dramatically act like they are in serious injury. However, some players act in most of the games, and often, they are trolled by people due to this type of behavior.

This article will mention the top five most dramatic soccer players.

Neymar jr. Dos Santos

People remember Brazilian National Football player and Paris Saint-Germain striker Neymar first when discussing dramatic football players.

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As we already mentioned, he flops once every 1/2 minutes. Many people have created memes on Twitter and other social media platforms based on Neymar’s fake foul.

David Luiz

David Luiz is a Brazilian National football player who plays as a center-back. Sometimes ago, when he was playing for Chelsea against Manchester United, he dramatically took a fake foul. And then he is also known as one of the most dramatic soccer players.

He flagged a smile about the fake foul after being caught on the CC camera. However, he is also known for his strength and challenging playing skills.

Arjen Robben

For those unaware, Robben is regarded as one of the greatest players of his generation. Due to his unique dribbling skills, high speed, ball control skills, and long-range shooting, he has gained a lot of fan followers.

But in the 2014 world cup, due to the fake injury acting of Robben in the penalty area, the referee awarded him the penalty kick; he lost almost all the fans and converted them into hatters.

Sergio Busquets

Sergio Busquets is a Spanish Soccer midfielder who also plays for FC Barcelona. In a match against Inter Milan, Sergio lay down on the ground for several seconds.

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It seems he was seriously injured, but when the camera turns around, he looks like he is uncovering his eye to watch the referee.

Angel Di Maria

One of the most dramatic soccer players is Angel Di Maria, who belongs to the Argentine national soccer team. But surprisingly, he is not dramatically acting out a fake injury; he was injured in most of the crucial games.

Is it a Penalty for Flopping in Soccer?

Flopping or simulation is a game rule violation under FIFA’s soccer game law. If players take a blatant dive, they may be penalized with a yellow card from the referee, and the other team is awarded a free kick.

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This only happens when the referee notices all the pitch activities during the game. If there is doubt, the referee waves play on or, in controversial cases, the referee is reviewed by video replay.

What happens when there is too much flopping in soccer?

As we all know, Brazilian player Neymar jr. is the king of flopping in soccer. When a players act a fake injury hopping to penalize opponents, firstly referee ignores this situation and waves a hand to play on.

But when this activity is repeated regularly, then according to the 13th number law of FIFA, soccer referees may penalize the fake flopped players.

Is there a rule against flopping in soccer?

Yes, a rule against flopping in soccer is mentioned in the 13-number law of FIFA Soccer.

Why is flopping allowed in soccer?

Players run the top speed to gain the ball when they play. Both team players are running their high speeds and might make contact with both of them, and this is natural, so flopping is allowed in soccer.

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