Clean Sheet in Soccer

As we all already know, the popularity of Soccer, but do you know that Soccer has invented many terms widely used in the world of Soccer and FIFA? Today we will discuss the most commonly used time, “Clean Sheet in Soccer.”

In this article, we are talking about What is a clean sheet in Soccer. What does it mean? How it works, is 0-0 a clean sheet? Example of a clean sheet in football and many more about the clean sheet.

To complete this article, we take references from many authorized sites, Pdfs, Documents, and other historical data. We collected the data from various methods, analyzed them, and wrote a piece of accurate information in our article.

What is a Clean Sheet in Soccer?

To know more about clean sheets, first, look at their meaning and try to understand them. If a team shootout their opponents from scoring, then a clean sheet occurs in Soccer.

Stopping opponents from securing goals takes more effort from the whole team while they are low in scoring, but unfortunately, sometimes the ball goes to the goalkeeper. By the end of every season, the goalkeeper receives a special award for analyzing how often they didn’t allow opponents to secure the goal.

most clean sheet in soccer goalkeeper is on the field
most clean sheet in soccer goalkeeper is on the field (source=Flickr)

As mentioned above, giving opponents no goals in the match is a clean sheet. Additionally, Clean Sheets is also called the ‘shot-outs.’ It’s hard to obtain clean sheets in Soccer and even harder when the game level increases. This is the reason for playing better with more effective skills of forwarders and midfielders in Soccer.

Why is it Called a Clean Sheet in FIFA Soccer?

In the early days of Soccer, the organizer takes a clean sheet of paper to write the track record of the game. If any team cannot secure the goal, then this team’s report is blank.

The reason it’s named is called clean sheet in Soccer. Not only in the early stage, but today it’s also called the clean sheet. To know more about the clean sheet named who and why you need to walk through the history of Soccer, so let’s get ready to go.

History of Clean Sheet in FIFA

There are many controversies about the term Clean Sheet origin. However, many people believe that it firstly originated in the 1930s; at that time, organizers manually wrote all the game reports on rectangular, white, and clean sheets of paper to analyze the game and make further strategies.

At that time, if a team didn’t secure any goals, then their side of the sheet was empty or clean. Later the term empty advanced with the word clean, and the term clean sheet originated in Soccer.

Can both teams receive the Clean Sheet in a game?

During the Knockout round and World Cup, the games can’t end with identical match results to proceed with the further rounds. That’s why in that situation, they have specific rules to add a time, but, still, the results are equal then they have a penalty system to determine the winner of the game.

Additionally, in the regular season games, if a game ends with a tie, they both get the Clean Sheets.

Is 0-0 a Clean Sheet?

While talking about the 0-0 or a tie game, technically, “yes,” it’s a clean sheet, and technical, “no,” it’s not. It depends upon the level and type of the game.

If the game is a regular season or a friendly match, then 0-0 is a clean sheet but not at the high level of competition or A-level games.

Can players get a Clean Sheet in FIFA World Cup also?

In the FIFA World Cup, every game gets a winner and a loser result. Not a single match ends with a 0-0 or a tie.

If a condition occurs to stop the tie game, they have a specific rule to add some times, but, still, if the game is tied, they have another penalty rule.

While talking about the clean sheet in FIFA, there are so many players/goalkeeper who gets clean sheets. It’s rare to get a clean sheet in FIFA.

The table below lists some of the top and great goalkeepers who get clean sheets in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Top Goalkeepers to get a clean sheet in FIFA History

NameCountryGame PlayedClean Sheets
Thibaut CourtoisBelgium73
Hugo LlorisFrance63
Fernando MusleraUruguay53
Alisson BeckerBrazil53
Robin OlsenSweden53
Kasper SchmeichelDenmark42
David OspinaColumbia42
Danijel SubasicCroatia62
List of top Clean sheet in FIFA World Cup 2018 players.

How Commons are Clean Sheets in FIFA Soccer Game?

It’s hard to earn clean sheets/shutouts in every game, but it’s achievable. The youngest goalkeepers from youth clubs seem hard to get a clean sheet.

However, they gained experience from playing for several years and slowly started getting clean sheets on the Soccer field.

According to the research of Soccer America, 30% to 40% of games end with a 0-0 game score or tie.

Why is Clean Sheet Important for Soccer?

Clean sheets also represent the ability and skills of goalkeepers and other players. It helps to determine the power and the rank of goalkeepers at the end of every season. Indirectly, it affects the player’s transfer at the end of every season.

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At the end of every season, the clean sheet achiever goalkeeper is awarded the Golden Gloves in respect of his performance.

What is Golden Glove Award in Soccer?

At the end of every regular season, the best goalkeeper receives a golden glove award. Additionally, the best goalkeeper is identified as the most clean sheet achiever in soccer.

What is the meaning of a Clean Sheet in Soccer?

If a goalkeeper secures his goalpost without receiving any goals from opponents is known as a clean sheet in soccer.

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